Aug 31
Tech podcasts …tech inspiration!
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I have to give a mention to a couple of people who have fired me up to get more involved ‘blogging about tech’. I’ve been using PCs since 1988 and have been on the web since 1998. Spent some time on a couple of good UK PC forums, but it was only when I discovered tech podcasts that I started to develop a real interest in tech. The first podcast I found was the Mike Tech Show which is great because I’m really interested in PC tips, tricks and troubleshooting. I’ve been through the complete MTS archive and learned a lot from that. In the course of listening to those archives I came across a promo for The Knightcast, another great tech podcast with a fine host, Knightwise, and brilliant music.

Knightwise is Belgian so a bit closer to home for me. In 2006/2007, he did a spell as co-host with Dave Gray, Tim Smith and Keith Murray on the Global Geek Podcast, yet another superb podcast which then added Cait as co-host and has recently transformed into the Aussie Geek Podcast. This one is also a must-listen.

I listen to about 20 podcasts a week but these three have held my interest right from the start. For anyone interested in ‘how to tune technology into your everyday life and let tech work for you‘ as Knightwise would say, I can highly recommend these three tech podcasts.
I’m sure I’ll talk more about them all in future posts. I’ll also give a complete list of all the podcasts I listen to later.

Aug 26
Sunrise on my blog!
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Well here goes with my first post on my first blog! Yes, I know, I’m a bit late to the blogosphere. I’m going to go by my handle/alias – techandlife – at least initially. I’ll discuss why in later posts. Let’s just say I’m a guy from Scotland.

Photo credit - Flickr user: ccgd

I thought a lot over my handle and blog name. It probably took around two months for me to hit on an alias/domain name which best conveys what I want to blog about but I finally got it. Tech…and life. Don’t worry folks, it’s not going to be too tech. I’ll say at the outset I’m not a geek…but at the same time, I’m not a Luddite. I’m also not the world’s greatest writer, but I’ll try and post in a casual, rather than a technical tone. On the tech side, I’ll try and post tips, tricks and advice which the novice/intermediate level PC and internet user will find helpful. I’ll blog about life too – things I find interesting, funny, frustrating or annoying or things I just want to get off my chest. The occasional post may be a little off-the-wall.
Well that’ll do for now – I know there are lots of blogs to visit out there so I’ll always try to be succinct. In the next post I’ll try give you some more background as to what fired me up to start a blog. Thanks for reading… and come back soon.

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