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I’m interested in tech blogs which give me tips on using software, troubleshooting Windows, freeware, PC security and useful new Web 2.0 sites and services. I used to have a number of blogs bookmarked in my browser and visited them individually until I listened to the podcast Bookmark Oblivion by Knightwise. The second part of this podcast deals with using Google Reader to collect the blogs you’ve subscribed to in one place using RSS feeds. So since January this year, I’ve been using Google Reader to fetch my tech feeds. Once you have added a few feeds, by clicking Discover, Reader will actually suggest new ones based on these so now I have about 75 tech feeds.

Not all are updated daily. I star the posts I find interesting and that I may want to refer back to and also add tags to those blogs so I can search back to find them.

304px-Light_bulb_icon_tips.svgTIP: There’s little point in listing all 75 feeds here but I’ve found that by using Trends in Reader, I can list say the top 20 blogs where I’ve starred posts most often in the last 30 days.

Here they are:

So if you want to subscribe to 5 or 6 really good tech blogs which are regularly updated, I would recommend gHacks, Download Squad, Make Use Of, PC Mech, Online Tech Tips, Techie Buzz, and Bill Mullins Weblog – Tech Thoughts.

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  4. Bill Mullins Says:

    I’m honored to be included with such illustrious sites.

    Thank you,


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