Essential freeware and shareware: Carey’s choice

Part of the idea behind this blog is to point PC users, particularly beginners and intermediate users, in the right direction when using their PC and accessing services on the internet.

I’ve just listened to an excellent podcast on Computer America. Carey Holzman was the host and he ran through his current favourite freeware picks from antispyware, and antivirus, through system maintenance, disk utilities, etc. Basically everything you need to keep your PC running well, for free. If I trust anyone when it comes to PC advice it’s Carey, so I recommend you download and listen to this podcast and listen to his recommendations. I actually use quite a few of these programs myself but he’s uncovered a number I wasn’t aware of which I must check out.

The show was broadcast on Computer America on 29 September 2008 and the freeware review is on Hour 2 of the show after the first advert break starting at about 18 min 16 sec into the podcast. You can get the podcast here or here.

You’ll find them there for about 2 weeks after the broadcast date, after that look in the Computer America archives for September 2008. The show is 092923.mp3. To help you miss the advert breaks when these come up, fast forward to 18:16, 28:48, 33:40 and 47:50 when the ads start.

Many of his software choices are also listed on the site’s Free Software and Services page.

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