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This is the first in an ongoing series I’m going to cover on online services which I find really useful.


You may have heard of Delicious already or seen their logo on a web page. It’s really just a way of bookmarking webpages you have found useful so you can find them again easily or share them with a friend, a group of people or everyone. You just tag a webpage with appropriate keyword/s or phrase/s and you can return to that page again later by searching for that tag. The tag can be anything: a person’s name, a location, a recipe, etc. Even Delicious. You can link words into phrases using hyphens, e.g. Google-Chrome, PC-troubleshooting. The possibilities are endless.

People use Delicious in different ways. It’s really very flexible. Here’s a few uses:

View pages that are currently popular

You can view pages that are currently popular and being actively tagged by just going to the Delicious website. Here’s what’s currently popular as I am composing this post.

Delicious bookmarks2

Popacular is another site which lists currently popular sites. It lists the 25 most tagged sites in the last hour, 8 hours, day, week, month and overall.
Index pages of interest

Delicious bookmarks1

I subscribe to quite a few tech blogs. I’m particularly interested in PC troubleshooting, new applications and online services. Once you have registered with Delicious, when you come across a webpage of interest, you can tag it. I use the Firefox Delicious Bookmarks plugin which has a button to  bookmark a page.  You can assign a number of tags to the page if you wish and you can choose to make the tags public or not by checking the box at the top right. You can later bundle related tags into groups in Delicious for better organization of your tags.

Share a website with a group of people

Some tech podcasts, for example the Aussie Geek Podcast, ask their listeners to tag sites of interest for the benefit of other listeners and to bring websites to the attention of the show hosts.

Subscribe to a tag

You can subscribe to a tag in Delicious to see what sites other people are tagging with the same tag. You can even send that subscription as a feed to your RSS reader so you are constantly updated on new pages with that tag.

Viewing your tagged pages

You can view thumbnails of your tagged pages using Favthumbs either in grid or carousel layout.


Viewing and searching your tags

You can search your tags at your Delicious home page. There are also a few Firefox plugins which allow you to tag pages and view and search your tags in a Firefox sidebar. I’ve already mentioned Delicious Bookmarks.

Delicious bookmarks

Search the contents of all pages you’ve tagged

If you’re a registered Delicious user, you can search all of the contents of your  bookmarked pages using Delizzy once you’ve entered your Delicious username and password.


Manage your delicious bookmarks locally

You can also manage your bookmarks locally using Netlicious, but this is beta software so it’s not release quality yet. There’s a good description of it here. I find it crashes regularly, perhaps because it can’t cope with my 1649 tags and 3836 bookmarks.

Delicious blog and forum

There’s also a Delicious blog here where you can get the latest info on developments and a forum here where you can ask any questions you have on Delicious.

Hope this has convinced you that Delicious is a worthwhile online app. I recommend you sign up for it now and get to know it. It’s a great service and it’s free.

Further reading (added 15th February 2009)

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