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Tech blogs, tech podcasts and tech forums will inform you. If you have the time to follow a good selection of these, you will constantly learn new things and discover shortcuts to make tech work for you more effectively. I’ve blogged about good tech podcasts and tech blogs earlier.

I’ve made a number of great discoveries in the ‘tech well’ recently. Here’s just two from yesterday.

1. As a regular listener to the Aussie Geek Podcast, I was interested to hear the Jeffro2pt0 WordPress Weekly podcast mentioned there.Jeffro2.0 I didn’t know about it so downloaded the last two or three episodes to try it out. Pretty good and I’ve now subscribed to it. You can subscribe here. In episode 22, there was an interview with Alex King, creator of the Share This WordPress plugin among others. I’m relatively new to blogging with WordPress and am looking for ways to improve the experience for anyone who visits my site so I’ve added the Share This widget to my blog. Share This allows any visitor to easily share the content via a social bookmarking site or email it to a friend. You can see the Share link at the bottom of this and every post.

2. Still on the blogging theme, I was reading the Download Squad feed in Google Reader and noticed a post about NotePad++. NotePad I already use this text editor from earlier recommendations on tech blogs and podcasts. It’s very useful for editing your theme’s css and php files before uploading to your website. What I didn’t know was that you can upload the files directly to your website from within NotePad++ using the FTP Synchronize plugin without going near your FTP client, saving some time.

That’s just two discoveries from yesterday. Who knows what today will bring!

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  1. Jeffro2pt0 Says:

    Hello fellow listener of the AGP! Thanks for linking to my blog and for mentioning the podcast. After the hiatus I took, we brought the show back in October so I hope you’re still listening. Let me know what you think! Thanks again.

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