Top 20 tech blogs – December 2008

Thought I’d rerun the stats on the top tech blogs I followed in December to compare with my top blogs in November. I’m mostly interested in sites blogging about applications and services, PC freeware, PC troubleshooting, Windows tips and tricks, learning Linux, learning WordPress, blogging and social networking.

Google Reader can show you trends for the blogs you follow over the last 30 days. In Google Reader, I star posts I find really useful and that I may want to go back to at some point. So, for me, the blog with the most stars is effectively my top tech blog. Here’s a screenshot showing the top 20 blogs with the most starred posts in Google Reader in December.

Top 20 tech blogs - Dec 08

I have separate RSS feeds for Makeuseof and their Web Services Directory, that’s why they appear twice in the list. But when you take them together, they are still out in front as my top tech blog, followed by gHacks and Download Squad. I’ve taken a greater interest in Twitter and blogging in December so have started following a number of new blogs. Of these, Twitip and HowToMakeMyBlog have made it as new entries in my top 20.

If you’re looking to start following the RSS feeds of tech blogs, I can recommend all of these.

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