What is the best time to tweet?

What’s the best time to reach your followers on Twitter? When they’re awake of course. But that’s easier said than done. Don’t assume that all your followers are in your time zone. Twitter is global. Most of my followers are in the USA and Canada, although I do have a significant number in Europe, the Far East, Australia and some in the Middle East. So one tweet is going to catch some awake and some asleep. Of those awake, some will be at work and some at home. If I just tweet in the evening, I will only reach a particular subset of my global followers, mostly in the USA. Here’s a map showing world time when it’s 7pm in the UK. As you can see, the USA is wide awake while Australia is asleep or just waking.


Map credit: www.worldtimezone.com

Now here’s a couple of tweets from problogger last Friday afternoon (in Australia) on a very important subject:

best tweet time

As you can see, while it was 3.40pm in eastern Australia, the time in the UK was 4.40am – definitely not beer o’clock for me! In fact, when it was my beer o’clock, Darren I’m sure was safely tucked up in bed.

Of course there are different types of tweet. ‘What I am doing just now’ is just that and it’s tweeted once. But if you have some important content to get out to your followers, for example a really good link you’ve found or a new blog post, you’ll probably have to retweet the message. Having said that, I am currently following about 130 people and I still make a point of reading every tweet. That’s the beauty of Twitter. You can quickly scan each tweet and see if it’s of interest and worth responding to. However, as I follow more and more people, there will come a time soon when I’ll have to follow groups of people more closely with TweetDeck and just dip into the rest when I have time.

So to maximize my chance of a tweet being read by someone who doesn’t have me in a group on TweetDeck, and who is following lots of people, and also to deal with the global nature of Twitter, I find it’s worth repeating important tweets up to 4 times in about 18 hours. Typically, that would be evening, late evening, next morning and then the afternoon. Hopefully, that will catch the different audiences. But that’s enough, I don’t want to turn anyone off.

This from Guy Kawasaki

Tip 9: Repeat your tweets. Try this experiment: take your most interesting tweets (as measured by how many people retweet them, perhaps) and post them again three times, eight to twelve hours apart. I used to think that people would complain about repeating tweets, but I’ve never had a complaint. My theory is that the volume of tweets is so high and most people check in at about the same time every day, so people don’t notice repeat tweets.

Many people are restricted from using Twitter and other social networking applications at work so it might be worth retweeting so as to catch your followers in the evening,  or even at the weekend for those that have more time to relax and catch up with the twittosphere then.

I also find it’s worth repeating any important weekend tweets on a Monday evening in case they weren’t picked up at the weekend.

19 Responses

  1. Brent Nau Says:

    One of drawbacks with Twitter is there is a lot of noise you have to contend with especially if someone is following over 300+ Twits. I would say that 2 times in one day is the max you want to push something out. I’m on the east coast of US and West coast does’t really become active till 11:00am EST. So reposting important tweets makes sense.

  2. Casey Says:

    I have not ever tweeted something twice. But now I read your article I am going to try it.

  3. Twitter Marketing Says:

    Great points. Twitter users, companies using Twitter, and Twitter marketers need to keep a balance between reposting enough to make sure tweets get seen by followers and over-tweeting so much that Twitter becomes clogged with reposts. What would happen if every Twitter user triple posted every tweet?

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  6. Lori B. Johnson Says:

    I am reluctant to repeat tweets. Won’t I appear as a pest or “noise”?

  7. techandlife Says:

    Lori, As I’ve said in the post, two things are important here, where your followers are, and the type of tweet. I agree if you are just repeating ‘what I’m doing’ tweets, that would be quite annoying. However if you’ve got something interesting to say and you don’t want some of your followers to miss it, particularly if you have a global following, then I think it’s useful to repeat it to try and catch everyone awake.

  8. 3 Olive Studios Says:

    Great post. I plan to follow this blog in the future. Thanks!

    -3 Olive Studios

  9. techandlife Says:

    Thanks for that. I hope you find some other posts useful here.

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  11. Candy Silvasy Says:

    Thank you for the info. I have started tweeting a few of my features like #DailySpaTweet breaks three times a day and have seen results in my follower numbers already. keep the good stuff coming, Spa wishes, Candy

  12. Candy Silvasy Says:

    I also wanted to note though that my followers are global as I write about international spa travel, Candy @artofthespa

  13. brite2briter Says:

    Thanks for the post. I like the ideas of resending only the important tweets. I’ll probably do that from one for special tweets.

  14. Niklas A Says:

    You can also try our personalized recommendation engine, http://www.whentotweet.com.

    Hope you like it!

  15. Colleen Says:

    Great post. I retweed it :-)

    I think, though, that most folks wouldn’t complain to Guy Kawaskai regardless of whether or not they found his practices annoying! For obvious reasons.
    I suspect my followers are not so enamored with me as Guy’s are to him! But I will try retweeting some choice tweets at least twice.


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