So why do I tweet web links?

On Twitter, you can basically tweet personal stuff, or useful content, or you can answer other tweets, promote your blog posts or retweet what you’ve read. Most of you who have seen my Twitter profile will know that I usually tweet or retweet useful web links and I just wanted to take a minute to explain why.

At first sight, this might seem a boring thing to do, endlessly passing on a site here and a site there. I decided from the start to tweet useful content and tweeting web links seemed the best way to do it. Before I started in Twitter, I was, and still am, a big fan of RSS feeds. I currently have 145 RSS subscriptions in Google Reader focusing on Tech and Blogging. I realised that a lot of people were blogging in their spare time, putting in a lot of time and effort to bring me excellent free content. Having started this blog, I now know how much work is involved. I felt that filtering and tweeting the best web links on a daily basis would be a good way to pass on useful content and also give something back to all those bloggers by hopefully directing people to their sites.

I actually enjoy passing on useful information – I did this for years on tech forums before Twitter came along.

I don’t actively go out and look for followers these days and haven’t done so for some time, so I know that it’s the content which is driving people to follow me. Okay, my numbers aren’t huge, but at least I know that my followers aren’t just follow-backs who haven’t looked carefully at my profile. They’ve all seen a useful tweet or retweet, hopefully checked my profile and decided to follow me.

With a bit of luck, they’ll all like my blog posts as well and subscribe to the RSS feed (at the top right of this page!), so in the end, the efforts I put into microblogging will hopefully be rewarded with a group of people who want to read my blog.

On the chance that some of you have not arrived here from Twitter, I try and tweet the best of what I see in my RSS feeds each day – usually 4 or 5 tweets. This can be anything from social networking, blogging tips, SEO, CSS and WordPress plugins through to PC troubleshooting, PC utilities, freeware and on to Ubuntu. Things I’m interested in.

If you’re new to Twitter or may have missed some of my old tweets, please go back and look at my Twitter profile. There’s a complete record of my tweets there. Retweet anything you see there if you like. And follow me on Twitter if you like the content.

Useful links (added 21 February 2009):

Being a Useful Twitter User

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  1. Neosix Says:

    …and that’s why your tweets are my favorite :). Seriously, I hate spam, ads and endless self-promotion on Twitter, so I really like when I see something useful. Keep going…

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