May 12

I’ve been playing with Ubuntu for a few months now and it’s running on my netbook and an old desktop PC. Many things are done a little differently in Linux compared with Windows so there’s a bit of a learning curve. I’ve been looking at Ubuntu blogs to try and get familiar with the way Ubuntu works, applications I should install and so on. I’ve already blogged about how I discover great new Linux and Ubuntu content online, and yesterday I came across a great blog for Linux beginners. NixTutor is a relatively new blog by Mark Sanborn – it’s being going since February and there are about 20 posts up at the moment. I went through a number of these yesterday and learned a lot about file naming conventions, directories, keyboard shortcuts and finding files. It’s well worth going through all these posts – they’re all written with beginners in mind.


So I thought I’d list the best of the Linux/Ubuntu/beginner blogs I’ve added to my RSS feed. I haven’t included Linux help sites and there’s a great list of these at Going Linux. I’ve just picked out the beginners’ blogs but I think some verge on intermediate skill. Anyway see what you think:

Ubuntu blogs:

Noobs on Ubuntu

I’ Been to Ubuntu

Jams Ubuntu Linux Blog

Learning Ubuntu

OMG! Ubuntu!


Ubuntu Linux Help

Ubuntu Linux Tips and Tricks

Works with U

Linux blogs:

Begin Linux Blog

From Windows to Linux for the Average Joe

gHacks (Linux tag)

Layman Linux


Linux on Desktop

New Linux User


Non-Geek’s Linux Handbook

The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide

Some of these blogs haven’t been updated in about a month but they do have a useful archive of posts so I’ve included them. If there are any good Ubuntu/Linux blogs you know of which I haven’t included please let me know in the Comments below and I’ll add them. I’ll try and keep the list up to date as a resource for beginners. Add the blogs you like to your RSS feed so you keep up with the latest posts.

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I’m also trying to uncover good Linux and Ubuntu podcasts for beginners and hope to do a post on that in the future. If you can recommend any please drop a comment below.

May 4

Caps Lock

Image credit: 123 Chroma Pixels

After 20 years in front of a keyboard, I finally tackled a pet hate this week – the Caps Lock key. I don’t think in those 20 years I’ve ever needed it once, and it causes havoc when pressed inadvertently. When it’s on, not only do you get sentences in block capitals but you may be left scratching your head when passwords don’t work – because their case sensitive.

Anyway, I searched for Caps Lock on Delicious and quickly found the answer I needed at By downloading and double clicking a file on that site I was able to remap the Caps Lock key to the Shift key so it acts just like a Shift key when accidentally pressed. But as this modifies the registry, I backed that up first using the program System Restore Point which I mentioned in one of my first blog posts. After a reboot, the 20-year annoyance was permanently gone. You don’t have to remap the Caps Lock key to the Shift Key – other choices are also given on Haller’s site.

I also came across a simple fix for the same problem on a Linux system at

Give it a try and rid yourself of a real annoyance.

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