1st Anniversary of Tech and Life!

Happy Together

Today marks the 1st anniversary of this blog. It’s been an interesting journey for me so far, and thanks to Woopra, the WordPress plugin for website analytics, I’m getting a good idea which posts are the most popular and what people want to read here. I’ve put up 62 posts so far, so that’s just over one post per week. Hopefully, I can improve on that in the next year but it isn’t easy to blog in your spare time and still allow plenty time for friends and family.

My most popular post so far has been Installing Easy Peasy Linux on my Acer Aspire One Netbook, followed by Some Linux Resources for Beginners. However, if you haven’t already seen them, I’ve done a couple of posts in my series on Useful Links which you may find interesting:

Useful links: A to Z of Search

Useful links: Free Wifi Hotspots

It’s really heartening to see the RSS subscription numbers steadily rising. I didn’t dream of having almost 450 subscribers at the end of year 1. Of course, I also really enjoy getting emails, comments and suggestions from readers. Please keep them coming either by using the Contact Me form or commenting on any blog post.

And I really hope you’ll stick with me through the second year. If you haven’t already subscribed to the RSS feed, please do. It really does give me great encouragement to know that people are following and supporting the blog. These are interesting times for me – Windows 7 on the horizon, exploring and using Linux, working with netbooks, blogging with WordPress, getting a new touch-screen mobile phone, and more – and that’s just a few topics I can see coming up. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with Tech and Life through the coming year too.

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  1. Raju Says:

    I am late, but Happy Birthday! Even my baby is approaching its first birthday, so I completely understand how excited you must be. Have a wonderful year ahead!

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