How do you save and retrieve online information?

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Frequently, we come across websites or webpages we want to return to or refer to in future. But how best to store these bookmarks or links for future reference? How will we find them again?

Well, we’ve probably all got our own ways of storing this info. I’ll quickly run through mine then point you towards another site which is currently conducting a survey on how we process online information.

I use Google Reader as my main source of information. I’m subscribed to over 200 blogs mostly covering tech and blogging.  I also check out any interesting links posted in Twitter by the people I follow. I star any posts in Reader that I may want to refer to again then tag them with, I hope, a memorable tag, e.g. wordpress-tips, wordpress-plugins, ubuntu-apps, ubuntu-tutorials. Notice, I generally tend to make two-word tag phrases by hyphenating tags. That way I can quickly browse through tag phrases and have more success retrieving information when viewing these categories than more general single word tags like ‘wordpress’ and ‘ubuntu’. I also tend to assign these same tag phrases in Delicious. Yes, the belt-and-braces approach, but my feeling is that I would rather some bookmarking duplication than find that one bookmarking site has disappeared or started charging for access and I lose all my data. Some webpages I definitely want to ensure I keep long term, and so as to avoid any possibility that the website or webpage may disappear for whatever reason, I save these pages to Evernote. Finally, I try to tweet the best 5 to 10 weblinks I’ve found each day. I can make an archive of all my tweets using the methods suggested in a recent post at ReadWriteWeb.

So that’s just one way to do it. Have a look at the survey over at ProductiveWise for lots of other techniques and add your method to the comments there.

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