Skype extension for Firefox causing slow Firefox with some websites


I posted recently on trying the Google Chrome browser after Google Reader and Google Mail suddenly slowed to a crawl in Firefox. It turned out that the latest Skype extension for Firefox was causing the problem. I had upgraded Skype to version and elected to install the Skype extension for Firefox during the Skype upgrade. Others have also reported this problem recently.

So if you’re experiencing problems with Firefox suddenly being a lot slower than usual, particularly when viewing Google Reader, Google Mail and Facebook and you’ve recently upgraded Skype and installed the Skype extension for Firefox, uninstall it and things should improve. Doubtless Skype will fix this buggy extension in a later release. Thanks to Scotian who posted in the comments of the Chrome post and resolved this problem.

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  1. Mark Nielsen Says:

    Thank you very much for this information! I’ve been ripping my hair out for days thinking I did something. I removed or disabled many Add-ons and GreaseMonkey scripts but I never would have guessed the Skype Plugin was the culprit. Disabled and the problem is solved!

  2. Skeye Woker Says:

    Thank you Thank you.
    I thought it was a Firefox update. But when I uninstalled the Skype plugin, everything returned to normal.

  3. techandlife Says:

    No problem. Glad to have found the solution for you both. Wonder how long it’ll take Skype to release a patch.

  4. Bob The Teacher Says:

    Wow, this was a great tip. Thanks for posting it on Twitter for me.

    Wish I would have known this a few weeks ago. I was traveling in Europe and thought it was the DSL and other connections that made this so terrible!

    All better now.

    Bob Jenkins

  5. techandlife Says:

    Glad the tip worked for you.

  6. vovas Says:

    Thanks, man! Nice, short and easy to understand post. All my problem in the past.

  7. Software: Skype extension for Firefox causing slow Firefox with some websites (Post from « TechGeekandMore Blog Says:

    […] browser to slow      The following post comes from (LINK:…). TGM would like to say Thank you to TechandLife for allowing us to share this with TGM […]

  8. Kilsally Says:

    still happening with Chrome …..

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