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Every public place should have these… and one day, perhaps they will. Until then, we have to track them down. Problem is that there isn’t one go-to place on the web that shows all the free wi-fi hotspots. Perhaps just as well – it would be a huge site. So here’s a list of links to some sites I’ve found listing free wi-fi hotspots around the world. If paid hotspots are also included, I’ve noted that. I haven’t included many sites dealing with individual towns and cities for obvious reasons but you could try a Google search for “free-wifi” yourcityname


Hotspot Locations (free and paid locations) (shows sites which are on and off)

Free WiFi Guru (only certain cities in certain countries)

JiWire: Wi-Fi Finder (free and paid locations)


TechNewsWorld: WiFi Hotspot Locator (free and paid locations; have to register first)





Free WiFi Hotspots

Wi-Fi Free Spot: Australia

WiFi Hotspot List


Wi-Fi Free Spot: Europe

Free WiFi Please (some cities in Ireland)

Free WiFi in Europe



Free Wifi in London

Hotspot Locations (free and paid locations)


Open Wi-Fi Spots



Wi-Fi Free Spot: Airports Free Wi-Fi Airports (mostly US airports)


Wi-Fi Free Spot: Companies


Wi-Fi Free Spot: Hotels

Free WiFi Hotels (only UK hotels)

Parks and campgrounds

Wi-Fi Free Spot: RV (North America only)

Download and connect

WeFi (downloads all the locations and connects automatically)

Oh, and if you have a Windows or Mac laptop, use the free Hotspot Shield for your security. If you know of any other great sites, let me know in the comments.

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2 Responses

  1. Biff Wifi Says:

    Try WhereAndWifi’s Google maps mash up to choose free wifi hotspots with lots of useful information like user ratings, comments, noise level, outlet saturation, menu items.

  2. techandlife Says:

    Thanks for that. Doesn’t seem to show up much outside the US at the moment though.

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