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As some of you may be aware, Windows users in Europe have been offered a great deal to move up to the Windows 7 operating system. Since July, UK users have been able to pre-order the full version of Windows 7 for less than the cost of the upgrade version. According to a Guardian article back in June, typically, a Windows upgrade for Vista Home Premium would cost £79.99 and the full version would cost £169.99. Initially, the plan was to sell Windows 7 in Europe without the Internet Explorer browser, but according to the Windows Team Blog recently:

For customers who have already pre-ordered the full version of Windows 7 E in the EU – either as part of special pre-order offers or otherwise – they will receive full versions of Windows 7 that include Internet Explorer 8. These customers, and any other customer who pre-orders Windows 7 before upgrade versions are available on September 1, will still be able to get upgrade pricing for Windows 7 full versions.

I’ve just ordered Windows 7 Home Premium (full version) from Amazon in the UK for £64.98 (at current exchange rates – 27 August – that works out at 73.78 euro, USD105 or AUD126.63). I still run Windows XP so wouldn’t normally qualify for an upgrade price so I just couldn’t pass up that offer.

So if you pre-order before September 1, you will get upgrade pricing on the full Windows 7 version – well worth checking out, particularly if you are running XP, or an older Windows OS.

Now I have to look into a 1TB hard drive for my new OS!

Update: 4th September – Amazon UK are still pricing the full version of Windows 7 Home Premium at £64.98. I’ll try and update this with any price changes. I’m watching the page with Follow That Page.

Update: 2nd October – UK students with a valid university email address can get Windows 7 Home Premium for £30. Further details here.

Update: 21st October – Amazon UK are now pricing the full version of Windows 7 Home Premium at £114.98.

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