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By now most of us are familiar with RSS readers where you subscribe to blogs and have all the posts pushed to one place to read. Well that’s fine but blogs can fire a scattergun of information, some of which just isn’t of interest to us. Yes, it’s possible to filter the feeds to make the information more tailored to your needs or use Google Alerts to target particular topics, but I’ve found that a great answer to getting the latest on your favourite topics and discovering new content is a web app called Lazyfeed. It’s basically a blog search client. Once you’ve signed up to this free service, the initial screen shows current hot topics which you may want to look at.


You can get the latest on your favourite topic by entering the tag in the What interests you? box at the top. If you like the results you can save that search in the left side bar. The tags Lazyfeed searches seem to be mainly blog tags. If you want to search for a tag phrase, the words have to be separated by hyphens or closed up completely. When you revisit Lazyfeed later and view a saved search, it shows new content discovered since your last visit, which is very useful. At the top of the screen is also shown related topics if you want to branch out and view other stuff. You can choose to block sources (and unblock them later if needed) in a search feed if the content isn’t what you want in future in this stream. You can save content (posts) in the left column if you like and also visit the site directly to view the full post. The site opens in a new window so you can go back to where you left off in Lazyfeed later. You can also share discovered content on Twitter, Facebook and by email from within Lazyfeed.

As you can see, I’m following topics like Evernote, to help discover new uses for this great notebook app, and also bookmarklets, to discover new useful bookmarklets. I find new content is brought in pretty quickly to Lazyfeed. My previous post which had an Evernote tag was brought in to the Evernote stream within minutes. I’m pretty impressed with the new content Lazyfeed is discovering for me – and I’m discovering interesting new blogs in the process.

Have a look at Lazyfeed and see what you think.

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  1. Maurice (CashBlogGuru) Says:

    Great tip thanks – there is is just so much to read and it makes a fantastic tool for researching a network of blogs in a niche to increase your own blogging credibility.

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