Scanning documents and notes directly to Evernote with an Epson scanner

It’s possible to scan notes and documents directly to Evernote, the popular note-taking application, using Epson scanners. Here’s a quick walk-through for an Epson Perfection 4180 scanner and using Epson Scan v3.04E software.

First launch Epson Smart Panel and choose Scan to Application under Photo Project

scan to evernote1

Then scan your document/s or note/s in the usual way. I’m going to scan in a business card for this example. I found these settings were fine:

scan to evernote1A

Preview, locate the image and scan it. Carry on scanning further documents and notes if you have them then close the above window. The View Images window will then appear showing all the images you have just scanned

scan to evernote2

You can actually go back and scan more notes at this stage by clicking the button in the bottom left corner. I’ve renamed my scanned image with a more useful name which will help searching in Evernote – but Evernote will pick up the text in the scanned image anyway and make that searchable. Once you click Next, you will see the applications which the scanner can already scan to. Evernote is probably not on this yet.

scan to evernote4

So we have to add Evernote to these applications. Click on the settings button (with the tool symbols) at the bottom left and then click Register at the bottom left of the Settings menu

scan to evernote5

Now you have to enter details so the scanner software can find Evernote on your PC

scan to evernote6

I’m using Evernote 3.5 beta but you may still be using the older version. In the Location panel, just click Browse and navigate until you find the Evernote.exe program (it’ll have the familiar elephant icon on green background) and click on it. Select the icon you want to use to display Evernote as in the Applications panel below. I scanned the business card as a jpg file so I have still to change the Format in the bottom panel. When you click OK you should now see Evernote registered as an application as in the screen below and you won’t have to do this registration part again – unless any subsequent Evernote upgrade changes the name of the Evernote folder! Then you would have to redefine the location of Evernote in the Location panel above.

scan to evernote7

Almost there now. Highlight Evernote and click the Settings (Tools) button at the bottom left again to check the settings you will use to save the file to Evernote:

scan to evernote8

Finally when you are happy with the settings click OK, then click Launch on the next screen and you will see the following prompt:

scan to evernote9

Click No to have the image files go directly to Evernote. Launch Evernote from your taskbar or system tray and the new note should be there. Tag it with suitable tags and drag it to the correct notebook.

Hope that’s helped in setting up your Epson scanner for Evernote. If you’re using a different version of the Epson Scan software and the procedure is different, let us know in the comments.

6 Responses

  1. David Griesemer Says:

    Has anybody worked out scanning from a HP Officetjet Pro L7590?

  2. techandlife Says:

    Came across a post:

    where they scan to Evernote using an Officejet J6480. The method may be similar for yours.

  3. JoeTaxpayer Says:

    David – if you visit and my advice works on your model, please let me know. I’ll that number to the HP list.

    Admin – thanks for the link!

  4. Jack Brown Says:

    I followed your directions for scanning “documents directly to evernote with an epson scanner”. When I get to the select software instruction then click on “NO” to have image file go directly to Evernote. It goes to Evernote but without the image.
    Need Help Thank you.

    Jack Brown

  5. Paul Says:


    I had the same problem until i realized that you need to make sure in the settings box that single file handling is checked. It them works fine

  6. Evernote – the entrepreneurs second brain | Pioneer Toolkit Says:

    […]… […]

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