100th post: Recent changes to Tech and Life

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Another small milestone here at Tech and Life – the 100th post! Time to thank everyone who’s been following the blog so far – I’m enjoying doing it in my spare time and am really encouraged by the subscriptions to the feed since I began about 18 months ago.

I’m trying to improve the blog when I can and have just signed up to FeedBurner, primarily to add the option for readers to subscribe by email for those who prefer that. I’m a little slow at getting round to it and my apologies. Anyway, please sign up for emails in the side bar if you prefer to receive updates that way. I post at most 3 times a week so I won’t be flooding your inbox! Be sure to add our email address to your ‘safe list’ in your email client to make sure newsletters reach your inbox and aren’t diverted to your bulk or spam folders. Let me know if you have any problems with the subscription or any improvements I can make.

I’ve also added Google Translate to the sidebar. Although it’s not perfect, you may prefer to have this option to translate the blog into your own language. I’ve blogged about automated blog translation before. I had some problems getting it to translate to other languages and discovered that the Firefox extension Flashblock causes a conflict with Google Translate. Disabling the extension solved the problem. So if you’re using Google Translate and getting the error message: Error: The server could not complete your request. Try again later, try disabling the Flashblock extension in Firefox.

I’ve also recently added the Wapple Architect plugin so this blog can be viewed on mobile phones.

Finally, I hope to have more guest posts in the coming months – look forward to the first coming up soon. Oh and if you have any suggestions for the blog or for blog topics, drop a comment below.

Image credit: Mzelle Biscotte

4 Responses

  1. Alex Says:

    From your friends over at TechGeekandMore.com, congrat’s on your 100th post.

  2. Becheru Petru-Ioan Says:

    I thought that linux was the cause of “google translate” not working. Disabling flashblock enables Google translate widget to work 😛

    Note: this is also true for Google Chrome browser, not only Firefox.

  3. Andy - The Digitante Says:

    Keep up the great posts. Let me know if you want to do any cross-posting with The Digitante site.

  4. techandlife Says:

    Alex and Andy: Thanks so much for your support.
    Andy: I’ll bear that in mind, thanks.
    Becheru: Glad to hear that’s fixed your Google Translate problem and thanks for the heads up on Chrome.

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