Private and Confidential: would you sneak a peak? [Poll]

Private & Confidential

Imagine this scenario. You’ve just walked into your parent’s house. They’ve just popped out so no-one’s at home but on the living room table is a copy of their Will. They must have been reviewing it. What would you do? Turn round and immediately walk out the door… or have a sneak peak to see what brother Billy and sister Jill have been left… and of course don’t forget yourself!

I know what I’d do – turn round and run a mile for fear of seeing anything. If something is marked Private and Confidential and it’s not for me, I just don’t want to know. Finding out the contents of a confidential letter or what you have or haven’t been left in a Will beforehand could be a horrible experience and better left until the appropriate time. If it’s not meant for me, I would feel really guilty reading its contents and would hate myself for doing it. But I’m sure many would have no qualms about having a look.

My Will is with our solicitor safely locked away from prying eyes. Make sure your parents’ Will is too before it’s too late and you are tested to breaking point!

And of course, if you have any Private and Confidential files on your PC, make sure they are encrypted and password protected. I’ve been using a free program called Axcrypt to encrypt my sensitive files and it’s working fine for me.

So what would you do? Are there any circumstances when it’s okay to look at Private and Confidential information not meant for you and you’re not 007? Let us know in the comments. And cast your vote in the poll below – it’s the first time I’ve tried a poll on this site so I’ll be interested to test it out.

Image credit: Janielle Beh

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