Oct 27

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What’s uninteresting content? Well that’s obviously pretty subjective. One thing’s for sure – we’re constantly being bombarded with too much online information, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, etc. and we just can’t cope with it all. One way to ease the information firehose and stay more productive is to filter out content which we’re really just not interested in based on the appearance of certain ‘switch-off’ keywords in blog titles, tweets and stuff posted on Facebook. This can be done relatively easily with userscripts – these are just small bits of JavaScript which customize how a webpage displays. Thousands are already available at  Userscripts.org but don’t panic, these can be easily installed in your browser. I’ll be looking at Firefox and Chrome here as these are the two browsers I work with but they may also work with other browsers.
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Oct 7

Windows Switcher

In Windows 7 and Vista, there’s a keyboard shortcut to bring up cascading windows of the open programs on your taskbar. Press the Windows key + Tab to see it in action now… Pretty impressive. And to cycle through the windows, first use the Ctrl+Win Key+Tab combination and then the left and right arrow keys to cycle. Pressing the Enter key or selecting the Window does just that.
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Oct 5

tweeting links

Since I signed up with Twitter about two years ago, I’ve been using it mostly to share the best tech links I’ve come across during the day, and I also see some of the tech news stories tweeted by people I’m following. But Twitter isn’t my number 1 source for finding news stories – no, it’s still Google Reader. And for me, Twitter may not be the best place to share links any more as we’ll see below.
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