Cycle through cascading windows from the taskbar in Windows 7 and Vista

Windows Switcher

In Windows 7 and Vista, there’s a keyboard shortcut to bring up cascading windows of the open programs on your taskbar. Press the Windows key + Tab to see it in action now… Pretty impressive. And to cycle through the windows, first use the Ctrl+Win Key+Tab combination and then the left and right arrow keys to cycle. Pressing the Enter key or selecting the Window does just that.

But if you don’t fancy remembering keyboard shortcuts and would rather use your mouse or touchpad, I’ve come across a simple way to add this cascading feature to the taskbar so you can access it there. The instructions are on the Help Desk Geek blog and it’s fairly straightforward to follow. However, just to clarify one point, when you are changing the icon for the shortcut, once you click Change icon, paste %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\imageres.dll and click Browse, you will have to browse to the file imageres.dll and click it to see the icon you want.

Once the Windows Switcher shortcut is pinned to the taskbar you can delete the shortcut on the desktop to save space, but if you do and then later unpin the Switcher shortcut from the taskbar you will have to go through this procedure again to recreate the taskbar shortcut.

Now that the icon is on the taskbar, try it out. To cycle through your windows, use the right or left arrow keys, or the tab button, and press Enter or click your mouse on the window to select.

Full tutorial here: Add-the-windows-switcher-to-the-taskbar-in-windows-7: Help Desk Geek

Image credit: Jornny Liu

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