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I was disappointed when was recently taken over by Facebook and shut down. It was a great secure (password protected) file sharing service which I was only just starting to really appreciate when, for example, files are too large to send as email attachments.  So I had a look around for an alternative on, where else, but AlternativeTo. The awesome Dropbox comes out well in front of course, as does SugarSync, but 8th down the list was Wait a minute – I have an account with them already. Another of those services I signed up for a couple of years ago, used it and it was fine, but more free alternatives like appeared and I moved to them and forgot

Thankfully, LastPass still had my log in details safely stored away so I signed in and lo and behold, the files I shared a couple of years ago were all still there. That’s nice. So I deleted them and decided to start using the service again. Here’s a graphic comparison of SugarSync, Dropbox and among others.


There’s 5GB of free storage so that’s nice too and the maximum file size you can share with the free option is 25MB, which is large enough for me. You can upgrade to $9.99/month to upload and share files up to 1GB in size with 25GB of storage. What I liked about was that the free version provided password protected shared links. To get this in you have to upgrade despite what the graphic above shows.

Sharing your files and folders is easy. Once you have a folder with files uploaded, just change its status to shared and a dropdown box gives you the link to share. You can also add collaborators who can access files in this folder.

Boxnet2 also has iPhone, iPad and Android apps so you can view and share files on-the-go and upload files on your phone to Box.

You can also integrate into Microsoft Office through Once you’ve created a free account at DocsinOffice, you can view the contents of your Box account within the Open and Save As dialogues in MS Office, so you can load and save files as though they were on your hard drive.

If you are a Dropbox user, don’t discount I found a good comparison of Dropbox and here which you might look at. What do you use for online file sharing? Is password protected sharing important to you? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Sandy Says:

    May I ask why you did not consider Evernote in your group of file sharing / cloud back up sites?? I find Evernote much more flexible and organized than Dropbox..
    In addition, RECENTLY they increased the amoun of allowable storage space and upload limits for both their free and paid subscription services… You are also able to share notebooks between friends as well as encrypt in the paid version…
    Just something more to consider…
    Thanks for some great blogs/columns!

  2. techandlife Says:

    I really want to be able to share files securely by sending someone a password protected link to download the files – just like I used to in Isn’t the shared notebook publicly available in Evernote? I don’t have the paid version so I can’t encrypt the files.

  3. Justin Schaefer Says:


    I’m a new employee here at Box, there are details about the NO’s under Box I can speak about

    What prompted me to type is the the topic of Mobility …when it comes to mobility, security & collaboration Box is fantastic.

    I’m on the team that works with companies 500 – 5000 employees feel free to reach out to me.

    If your company is larger or smaller than this I can connect you with someone that is more appropriate to speak with here.

    – Justin Schaefer

  4. Javan Says:

    Justin is right, your matrix is inaccurate for (aka features. It does everything that SugarSync does except Box does not publish to facebook (not desired for business), does not sync files outside a specific folder (same as dropbox), and does not have a Windows mobile app (are they still making that?). Also has many features the others do not for security controls and integration.

    For business, appears to be much better.

    I am currently looking for the right fit of file management and sharing for my employer, and is the only one that has 99% of what we want.

  5. MAARS Says:

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