Quick tip: Enable Year View in Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar to plan your appointments, etc., you’ll know that scheduling anything more than 6 months ahead takes time as there isn’t a button along the top to switch to Year View. Well in fact, there is a way to get to Year View but it’s hidden away at the moment. Here’s how to enable it.

Google Calendar1

Open Google Calendar and click the little green flask icon as highlighted above. This will bring up a list of experimental features and on it you’ll find Year View – although why it’s experimental I’ve no idea. Enable it, and try other features if you like. I’ve enabled Jump to Date as well. When you return to the calendar view, these features are shown in a new column on the right. Now click Go on Year View and you’ll get the full year on screen so you can quickly click straight through to any day on the year of your choice to schedule an event.

By the way, if you close the right column by clicking the button at the top right of the column, you’ll have to re-enable the features again as before. But you can toggle the column on and off by clicking anywhere on the vertical blue bar separating it from the calendar.

Doubtless, Year View will have a button along the top in a future update – I can’t understand why it’s not there already.

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  1. Martin Says:

    There is no green flask on my google Calender!

  2. Shirley George Frazier Says:

    I appreciated you bringing attention to this option, and I’ve made the yearly view available on my calendar as well as other lab items.

  3. Eric Says:

    click on the little gear icon on the top right and a pull down menu will appear with the Labs link at the bottom. Easy peasy from there…

  4. ALMAN Says:

    Yee, I’M with Martin “There is no green flask on my google Calender!” However, thanks, Eric, for the assist. Now, my GRIPE: Since there is a tab for DAY, WEEK and MONTH, why on Earth is the YEAR view treated differently – I mean, is it just ME that thinks it should be a no-brainer to have it as a standard TAB ??

  5. ALMAN Says:

    And while I’m on the subject … I absolutely LOVE Google Calendar and (most of) its works and pomps. Just because I have a (tiny) gripe about ONE (cosmetic) aspect doesn’t mean I’m going to HATE them. Google are my heros … they stood up to Microsoft – and WON!

  6. Shah Says:

    I’ll agree with the other detractors. The year view is no better than those fridge magnet calendars we get from Real Estate agents. A REAL year view option would also indicate the days on which there are events, possibly even with colour coding. I’ve managed to find a couple of different ones that I can embed in my Joomla websites, and I’m experimenting with them now. But would have preferred a Google one, because of the calendar sharing capabilities.

  7. Pat Says:

    The only “stuff” showing up on the right side of my screen in Google Calendar is Tasks. I’ve enabled Jump to Date and Year but no window shows like what you show. What am I missing, please. Thank you in advance.

  8. techandlife Says:

    Google seem to have dropped the little green flask icon at the top. Instead you now have to click the Settings cog at the right end above your calendar then navigate down to Labs and click that. Scroll down to Year View and click Enable. Don’t forget to click Save at the top or bottom of the list before returning to the Calendar.
    Hope that helps.

  9. Syngron Says:

    Hi there,

    I implemented a one column per month view Gadget for Google Calendar. You can find it on my blog:

    see you

  10. MickM Says:

    How complicated for such a common feature. all was needed to do is have the mini calendar on the left with the month and year navigation like most sites have – I too love GC but this is so off!
    PS: “submit” asks me to have a valid email add. But where is the field request? I don’t have a website! Oh…Under “mail” I thought this for “last name” :(

  11. Bill Says:

    It’s really shit – all it shows is the dates of the year, it doesn’t actually show anything you’ve entered, like coloured blocks to mark off dates something was done for example.

  12. Nicky Says:

    I NEED to see all the commitments made over the year on one page. The year view breaks off midway though the last 3 months and does not show any events… I have tried marking them all as busy and using the link suggested by someone.. but it still does not work. I am going to have to locate another calandar service… very very very disapointed…. A year view is such an obvious feature to have!!! agghhhhhh

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