Sync your to-do lists everywhere with Wunderlist

I’ve been using the web based to-do app Doris for about a year now and quite like it. There’s also a Desktop version now and an iPhone app but regrettably the developers just haven’t kept pace – no Android app as yet.

I was listening to a recent CNET to the rescue podcast and Rafe Needleman mentioned Wunderlist, an awesome to-do app so I thought I’d take a look.


As well as downloadable programs for Windows and Mac, Wunderlist has a web app so you can have your to-do lists synced on Windows, Mac and Linux machines as well as Android phones, iPhone and iPad. You can also share your lists.  Here’s some basics on using Wunderlist. Create a new to-do list using the hotkey L or click Add List at the bottom right of the screen. If you don’t like the default wood panel background or the awesome leafy background I’ve chosen, you can choose from a number of others from a drop-down list and also toggle the side bar.  The other buttons along the bottom are pretty self-explanatory but play around with them to see their actions.  You can drag tasks up and down a list to reorder them and also drag them from list to list. Starring tasks brings them to the top of a list. You can also add notes to tasks to give more info about them and search for tasks in the search box at the top-right.

There are some very nice touches too. You can assign a date to a task which shows up near the right end of the task entry. This is updated to Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday as the task date approaches and passes. Double clicking on this date allows you to reschedule tasks. At the bottom of the screen, tasks due Tomorrow, Today or Overdue can be viewed by clicking the buttons. You can also add new tasks by emailing them to, and can choose to be alerted via email when tasks are due. So even if you don’t have the latest mobile phone, you can keep up with your Wunderlist to-dos on the go.

A nice example of syncing a list to your mobile phone would be a shopping list. Just add items to your list wherever you are and call up the list on your Android or iPhone while shopping. Of course, you can also do this with other apps like Evernote.

As David Pierce points out in a recent post about Wunderlist, a recurring tasks feature would be a nice addition. I currently get around this by putting these in Google Calendar. These recurring tasks are pushed to Rainlendar my desktop calendar and so I can see them on the desktop of my PC.

I have Wunderlist loading in the left-most tab in Chrome so that it’s always displayed first when I open my browser. To do this in Chrome, after you’ve signed up for Wunderlist, drag that tab to the left-most position. Open the other URLs you want at browser start-up. Then click the spanner symbol at the right end of the tool bar, Click Options, and under the On startup section, select Open the following pages. Click the button Use current pages then check that Wunderlist is listed at the top and the other sites you want are listed below it.

So if you’re looking for an awesome  to-do list app or want to upgrade to a more feature filled one or one that syncs to your mobile device, I encourage you to try out Wunderlist and see what you think. It’s free at the moment. Let us know what you think of Wunderlist in the comments or tell us about your favourite task management program.

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