A short Twitter list to follow for great tech links

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I recently published my list of great tech bloggers. Now here’s a list of folk to follow on Twitter who consistently tweet great tech links. I follow many tech bloggers on Twitter but so that I don’t get overwhelmed with tweets, I send everything through SiftLinks to Google Reader. SiftLinks checks your Twitter stream every 30 minutes and stores the last 50 links that it finds. That way I get a nice feed of tweets with links. Over time, you get a feel for the people whose links you are clicking, retweeting and bookmarking the most and here they are:












They’re all in my Twitter Tech List so you can follow that list if you like. And please add @techandlife too. I try and regularly tweet the best of what I see around the web – web apps and services, Windows, Linux, Photoshop, WordPress and blogging tips.

Do you follow anyone who tweets great tech links? Drop a comment below.

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