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In the past, you’ve probably come across an interesting blog post and wanted to make a comment only to find that comments are closed, probably because a month or two has passed since the date of the post. Is closing comments a good idea? Why would you want to close comments anyway?

Well some people feel that it’s hard to deal with comment spam if all posts are left open but really, a good WordPress plugin like Akismet should deal with that. It may also be worth closing comments on posts which are no longer relevant, for example, old outdated tech news, or a post about a website or web service which is no longer available, or a contest which has finished.

I’ve kept comments open on all posts and I’m delighted to see that people are still commenting on older posts. Of course not everyone reading my posts subscribes to the blog so I don’t expect comments straight away or even in the first 2 weeks after posting. Many people are obviously reaching the posts from keyword search results at a later date and dropping comments when they have something to offer. Many of my posts are tips or things I’ve learned while working with my PC and software so if someone has a tip to improve on my tip or make me more productive then I’d really like to hear about it. I have updated posts in the past with tips in the comments. Also if readers find a post helpful I love to hear that too.

You can actually follow all comments on this blog in your RSS reader by subscribing to the comments feed. Just copy and paste that link into your RSS reader.

Do you close blog comments after a set time or leave them open indefinitely?

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  1. Kiosk Says:

    Well Found, exactly some of the post are such that they start receiving traffic once after some specific time period, and if any such visitors lands on the page by making a search for same in Google or similar search engine will be disappointed if he has to leave some question or interesting facts about the topic.

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