Here’s some great grocery shopping tips

Supermarket tips

Here’s a few grocery shopping tips I find useful and you might too.

Hard sell. Dealing with unripe fruit, e.g. kiwis

Usually when I buy packs of say kiwi fruit in the supermarket, they are hard to the touch and pretty sour to eat. I find it’s best to put them away in a dark cupboard for 4 or 5 days to ripen until they become slightly soft to touch. The best routine I’ve found is to get into the habit of buying your next (unripe) 6-pack of kiwis just when you start on your ripened pack. This way, if you eat one kiwi a day, your next pack should be ripened when you finish that pack.

Look up… or down. Watch the eye-level pricing

You’d almost need a calculator these days to work out the best deals in stores. I’ve found that supermarkets here tend to put the higher priced brands at eye-level. Look to the higher or lower shelves for better priced great alternatives. For example, I was shopping for tartare sauce recently. Our local supermarket stocks a bewildering variety from real cheap to premium brands. There were better prices two shelves down from the eye level premium brands.

Closed shop. Watching store opening times

Evening and late night opening times can be a little confusing and hard to remember. There’s nothing worse than getting to a store to find it’s closed for the night. You can usually check opening times online beforehand, but in the UK, the Opening Times website will keep you right. It lists businesses by location or post code. If your store isn’t listed, you can add the opening details yourself or update them if they’re incorrect. Check if you have a similar website in your part of the world with a Google query like opening times ‘your town’ or opening times ‘your country’. Here’s another idea. To make a quick note of opening times at the store, use your smartphone to take a photo of the board of opening times at the entrance, then transfer it to say Evernote so you always have access to it on your phone.

Fruit crush. Don’t crush your delicates

At the store checkout, when you’re loading your goodies onto the checkout belt, place the heavier, or robust items (tins, milk drums, etc) on first and leave the lighter items and delicates (fruit, eggs, cakes, etc) till last. That way, the robust heavy, stuff goes through first and you can pack this at the bottom of your bags and lay the delicates on top so they’re not crushed.

Dead flat. Recycle your old batteries

At the checkout, our local Lidl store has a box where you can deposit your old batteries for recycling. Much better for the environment than chucking them in your refuse bin. Check out if your local stores have this facility. If not, ask them why not.

Got any great shopping tips? Drop a comment below.

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