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Chrome extensions

A few months ago, I posted on the top recommended Google Chrome extensions which I compiled from recommendations across the blogosphere. I thought I’d now list the extensions I find most useful, i.e. the ones I’ve installed that I use pretty much on a daily basis.

Several of my top extensions are also in the earlier post – LastPass, Clip to Evernote, and Shareaholic so I won’t say any more on them. Here’s the rest.


I’ve been bookmarking sites with the Diigo extension for quite a while now. Diigo lets you import all your bookmarks from Delicious at the start and then you can set it up to send copies of subsequent bookmarks back to Delicious so you have all your bookmarks on two independent sites. This is the extension I use the most… by a long way. I wrote a post on bookmarking versus searching some time ago which you might like to read.


SiteAdvisor will give you a safety rating for the site you have just loaded in your browser.

SEO Site Tools

SEO Site Tools gives the page rank at a glance and some SEO info on the site your browsing. There’s more info on it here.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus works away in the background to remove ads and pop-ups from websites as you browse.


Fed up with all the clutter on sites? Then install the iReader extension for distraction-free reading. The iReader icon appears at the right end of your browser address bar – click it to remove all the clutter and leave a page that’s a joy to read. The options let you disable images too if that’s what you want. You can also print the page without all the clutter. And if you’ve installed a pdf utility like doPDF, you can even print the decluttered page to a pdf. After installation, doPDF appears in your Print menu so you now have the option to print to a pdf format file. Here’s a post about using iReader.

Google Quick Scroll

The Google Quick Scroll extension helps you find what you’re looking for on a webpage faster, particularly on long webpages. I’ve written about it before here.

Google Reader Filter

If you spend a lot of time in Google Reader, then Google Reader Filter is a must. It cuts out entries you don’t want to know about and highlights ones you do. Again I’ve written about it before here and it now works in Chrome.

Facebook Disconnect

Facebook Disconnect prevents Facebook from tracking you when you visit a site which uses Facebook Connect.

Google Calendar – weekend coloration

Weekend coloration adds a different colour for Saturdays and Sundays. Not very distinctive on the new look Google Calendar though.


If you click through to posts from Google Reader, you’ll see a lot of feedburner ‘junk’ appended at the end of the URL. Unburner removes all the unnecessary stuff so you get a clean URL for bookmarking. I’ve blogged about it here.

Well that’s my roundup of my useful Google Chrome extensions. I’d love to hear about any others that you find awesome. Drop a comment below.

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  1. Eugene Says:

    Hi, here is a working version of reader extension for chrome browser:
    Cause the latest version of ireader is not working with 18 chrome

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