Scanning documents and notes directly to Evernote with a Canon MP Series printer

You don’t have to scan documents to your PC then save them into Evernote organizer in two stages, you can set up your printer/scanner to scan directly into Evernote. I’ve already posted about scanning directly to Evernote with an Epson Perfection 4180 scanner.

I recently got a Canon MP series multifunction printer with built in scanner (MP280) and had no trouble setting it up to scan directly to Evernote. Here’s what you do.

When you installed your Canon printer drivers and utilities on the CD which came with the printer, you would have installed MP Navigator, the application which, among other things, allows you to scan directly to an application, in our case Evernote. Switch on your printer and place a test sheet on the scanner tray. On your PC desktop click Start, All Programs and navigate to Canon Utilities and click on that and open the MP Navigator folder.

scan to evernote10

For me it was actually called MP Navigator EX 4.0 but you may have a different version. Then double click the executable file in that folder (again for me it was MP Navigator EX 4.0 as shown above) and that should open Canon MP Navigator. If you intend to scan stuff frequently to Evernote, you could copy a program shortcut to your desktop. To do this, drag that executable to your desktop while pressing the Ctrl key (this makes a copy rather than moving it).  Once MP Navigator is open, click on One-click at the top right and you should see the options below.

scan to evernote11

Click on Custom and that should open a box like below. If it starts to scan now, just click Cancel.

scan to evernote12

This is the part where we select Evernote as the program we want to open the scan with. So under the section Application Settings, click Set as shown above, then navigate to your Evernote folder (for me it was C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote but it may be different for you. You’re looking for the Evernote executable file as shown below:

scan to evernote13

Select that file and click Open. Evernote will now appear as the application in the Open with: box on the previous screenshot. Click Apply in the bottom left corner to save Evernote in that box, then click the green Scan button in the bottom right corner and if all goes well the test page should be scanned and Evernote will open to show it.

By the way, now this is set up, in future when you click Custom, everything will happen automatically so make sure you have your page loaded ready for scanning.

6 Responses

  1. flippertie Says:

    Thanks for this. I rarely install or use the bloatware that comes on the CD with printer and camera drivers. This is the first time I’ve found a use for it!

  2. drjay Says:

    I have MP Navigator 4.1 and unfortunately cannot find the screen you get when you open the program and thus cannot get to a Custom option. Seems like a downgrade from 4.0. I have the Canon MX882 which is a great piece of hardware. It’s a pain to get things to Evernote though.

  3. Russ Says:

    Great tip! Thanks for posting this. I have an Epson Workforce, so the procedures are different, but you posted enough details here I got it to work. Thanks!

  4. oneaustin Says:

    Have you found a way to do this unattended? I’d like a similar setup that I don’t need to interact with on the pc. (Simply scan something and it will be in Evernote)

  5. Gil Says:

    Awesome! Your tip worked like a charm. Thanks.

  6. Ashiq Says:

    Thanks for posting this. It helped me.

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