A Couple of Useful Twitter Tools: Manage Tweets and Catch Links

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve come across two really pretty useful Twitter tools, the first for scheduling your own tweets more effectively and the second to manage tweets from your followers which contain links, so you don’t miss them.

Buffer: Manage your tweet schedule


I know the time that you tweet can be important for your followers – not much point in tweeting if everyone’s in bed! I’ve posted my thoughts on the best time to tweet a couple of years ago. I live in Scotland and I used to tweet mainly in the evening which obviously gets folk in Europe in the evening and North America during the day. I don’t bother to retweet the best links anymore as suggested in that earlier post. Twitter lists have come out since that post and if people really want to see your links they can get them by adding people to lists – or by trying the tool mentioned in the following section.

Anyway, Buffer allows you to schedule tweets by setting times to send them out rather than throwing them all out at once and perhaps annoying followers. You can also send the tweet straight away if you wish. As it’s a browser extension, it adds a button to your toolbar so it’s also handy for those sites which don’t have a retweet button. When you click the button, it automatically writes the tweet, shortens the URL and schedules it for publication based on the times you’ve set for tweeting. When you visit the Buffer website, you can view your pending tweets, change the times (and days) that tweets will be sent out, change the URL shortener used for links and view analytics for tweets you’ve sent through Buffer – including number of retweets, number of clicks, number of people reached. You can also browse through all the tweets you’ve sent through Buffer. The free plan allows you to have up to 10 tweets in your buffer.

KnowAbout It: Don’t miss great links in tweets


KnowAbout.It tries to cut through the Twitter noise and bring you the links you want to see. It does take a little while to index your Twitter stream but once that’s done, you’ll get a stream of useful stuff in categories. Popular – the most popular links currently in your social streams and Hidden Gems – links from people who don’t share a lot of links. So if you feel a lot of good stuff is passing you by in Twitter and you can’t keep up, give this one a try. They’ve recently added subscribe buttons so you can also send the tweets straight to your RSS reader and browse through them there. I’ve deliberately kept this review short as there’s a great write-up on Web.AppStorm.

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