Blocking popup images when you visit a website

We’ve all been there. Arrive at a website and after a few seconds, a massive popup image appears dimming the background and asking you to subscribe to a newsletter or buy an ebook.


You cannot continue until you close this popup – or of course subscribe to the newsletter or buy the ebook. If you regularly visit this website, there are a couple of ways which you might try to block the popups in future.

Adblock Plus extension (for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE)

With the Adblock Plus extension installed, when the popup appears, you click the Adblock button (ABP) at the end of your address bar, select Easy Create Filter, then highlight the individual elements of the popup, right click when selected, then click Add to block those elements in future. Keeping adding the elements until all of the popup image has gone. You also have to select the whole dimmed background as well and add this otherwise the annoying dimmed effect will appear next time you load the site. If you got your selection wrong, you can always delete the filter, or parts of it – right click the Adblock button, select Options, then the Add your own filters tab. Then just select all the elements to remove. Although a little fiddly to get right, the advantage of this method is that, once it’s added to Adblock, the filter will keep working until you delete it. The disadvantage I’ve found is that it seems to remove any embedded YouTube videos on the webpage as well as the popup image and so far I can’t find a way to leave the video and remove the pop-up.

Block overlay images in Chrome

I learned another way to try to block these popups in Chrome on the cnet How To website. The instructions there are very clear so head over there for instructions. It doesn’t always seem to work in blocking these overlays. Problem with this one is, when you go to do some PC maintenance with say CCleaner, the popups will reappear. I think that it’s the deletion of Google Chrome cookies which is causing the popup images to reappear after running CCleaner. To prevent deletion of cookies and leave the images blocked, in CCleaner, click the Applications tab, scroll down to Google Chrome and uncheck the box marked Cookies. But you may want all cookies removed anyway so perhaps the Adblock route is the best option overall.

Hope this helps. How do you remove these popups or are you bothered by them?

2 Responses

  1. Ducky Says:

    Also Adblock has filter lists that you can select just after you install it that lets you use a list of premade filters that will block out about 95% of all ads automatically.
    So in most cases you don’t even need to add the filter!


  2. techandlife Says:

    Thanks. Yes I should have mentioned that. It’s nice to have the option to make your own as well.

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