This budget priced investment will really improve your HD TV experience

Logitech Z523

So you’ve recently bought an HD TV and you’re really pleased with its performance – but something is missing. Had you noticed? Great picture, great looks …but what about the sound? Not surprisingly, flat panel TVs just can’t give you rich sound quality to match the visual experience.  I recently bought a new Toshiba 32” HD TV and the sound from the built-in speakers is absolutely abysmal. We spend so much time in the store comparing the picture quality, the TV’s connectivity and price but we can forget to check out the sound – and it’s quite important.

No matter, I thought. I’ve got my Logitech X230 2:1 speaker system which I bought about 5 years ago to connect up to my mp3 player and the sound quality is brilliant from these budget priced speakers. Two satellite speakers and a subwoofer for around £25 ($40) I think. One of the best purchases I’ve made.

So I plugged in the Logitech system to the headphone socket on the TV and fired it up. Wow! Just couldn’t believe the difference when I plugged and unplugged these speakers. And the volume is controlled from the TV remote just as with the built-in speakers although the Logitechs do have an additional volume control on the satellite and a bass control on the subwoofer.

So if you have a new flat screen TV, you really should consider investing in external speakers. You won’t regret it. What’s the point in having a great picture and below-par sound. Unfortunately, the Logitech X230 speakers have been discontinued, but I’m sure the equivalent Logitech Z323 or slightly more expensive Z523 speakers will be fine. The subwoofer will happily sit on the floor behind your TV with the satellite speakers on either side. My Logitechs connect by the headphone socket but you may find yours will connect to the audio out jacks on your TV.

Don’t get me wrong. This upgrade isn’t about blasting out deafening, heavy sounds, just getting to the full range of sound which those internal TV speakers aren’t capable of reproducing. If you haven’t experienced a subwoofer in action, you really must. Okay it isn’t a home theater surround sound system, but you’ll be amazed at the sound quality for a budget priced outlay.

By the way, I’m not getting a cut from referrals here, just giving a shout-out to great products at a great price.

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  1. Ducky Says:

    If you’re doing more of a home theatre sort of thing, the Logitech Z-5500’s (or the new version of them The Logitech Z906), they’re absolutely amazing.
    I’ve used my Z-5500’s at an outdoors house party, had it turned up super loud (not on max volume I might add) without it distorting.
    They go loud, they’ve got awesome quality.
    I currently use mine for my computer with a more expensive $1000 system for my TV, the Logitech ones are BETTER than the $1000 ones by far (not to mention smaller and easier to set up).

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