A quick look at some 1970s personal tech

I know for most of you reading this, the 1970s is before your time. Well it was pretty much before personal tech time as well! This was the era of the LP and single (vinyl records), the cassette tape, the ill-fated 8-track, VCRs  and as far as personal tech is concerned, that was about it. No CDs then (they came in the 1980s), just radios and radio/cassette players. In fact, the words 1970s and tech don’t really seem to go together. But one thing that 1970s tech had was durability. It was built to last longer than today’s tech. Which prompted me to write this post. When I looked around at my old tech stuff still running, I found these two items:

BHS clock and Seiko watch

Coincidentally, I bought both in virtually the same week in 1978. The digital clock still sits on my bedside table and shows no signs of dying after 33 years, just like my Seiko Quartz watch which I still wear. And both still keep pretty good time. Yes I know, most of you guys now use your smartphone for telling the time but I like to be able to glance over in bed and see the time without lifting my head!

And delving further back into the 1970s:

Slide rule and Casio fx-31 calculator

My slide rule for maths calculations. I originally had a better longer version which we all had to buy in secondary school for our final Maths exams in 1971. Yes, believe it or not that was the era just before personal calculators so as well as learning maths we had to learn how to use these contraptions to multiply and divide! Calculators came soon after I left school and I still remember ‘the calculator room’ in my chemistry lab in college in around 1974. A bench with 7 or 8 mains powered desktop calculators around 6”x6” in size. I later bought the Casio Scientific fx-31  shown above around 1978. The display is VFD (vacuum fluorescent display, I think), and much better than the later LCD displays as you could see it clearly in low light. Again my Casio calculator still works – when I put batteries in it, but nowadays I prefer my much more recent solar powered desktop calculator most of the time.

Do you still use any old tech? Will it still be running in 30 years time? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Ahsan Says:

    When I was kid, our family used VCR. But today it looks like dream. Now life becomes so easy. But I can say that it also makes us idle too

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