Three Great Free Utilities for Dual Monitors

Dual monitors

There are a host of commercial utilities for managing windows on dual monitors but here are three free programs which may cover most of what you need. I use all three and they work fine for me and are easy to set up.

Dual Monitor Taskbar

This was the first utility I installed after setting up my dual monitor system. Dual Monitor Taskbar gives you a taskbar on the second monitor showing just the windows open on that monitor.


I’m indebted to Rich Menga of PC Mech for blogging about this great mouse utility. If you’ve worked with dual monitors you’ll know that, if you have a document open on each monitor, to scroll the document on the second monitor you have to move your mouse over that window, click to select that window, then you can scroll the document. WizMouse allows you just to mouse over the window on the second monitor and it will scroll immediately without any clicking. Works on multiple windows open on one monitor as well. A very useful little utility.


If you drag a full screen window to your second monitor, you’ll probably find it is resized and you then have to maximize it again if required. DualSwap adds a button to the top right of the active window (to the left of the minimise button) which, when clicked, will move the window to the other monitor and retain it full screen or the same size as on the first monitor (so long as both monitors are set at the same resolution). One thing to watch is, if you are running Windows 7, install the file called DualSwap-Win7theme.exe not DualSwap.exe, otherwise the ‘move window’ button will sit right over the maximize button so you have to be careful where you click.  A hotkey combination to move the window to the second monitor would be a nice addition to the program.

The other problem is that this program adds itself to your startup programs without asking. If you’d rather not have that, remove it from your startup programs – click Start, then Run and type ‘shell:startup’ in the Run box. This will open the start up folder. Drag the DualSwap program out of there to where you want to start it from, for example the desktop. Then click Start, then Run and type ‘msconfig’ in the Run box. Go to the Startup tab and uncheck DualSwap.

Well, there are three free utilities which will make managing windows on dual monitors easier. Do you have any favourite utilities for working with dual screens? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Paul Says:

    WizMouse is just what i’ve been looking for – thanks

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