Quick Tip: Find Stuff without Reading Through Pages

We probably all know about the keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V) but there’s another really useful shortcut you can use to find stuff on pages – Ctrl-F. And surprisingly, about 90% of US internet users don’t know about it. I asked my kids and my daughter knew about it but my son didn’t.

Okay, so you already knew it works in your word processor but did you know Ctrl-F also works on webpages too and in Gmail, Google Reader, pdfs, email clients like Thunderbird, Windows Explorer and in most situations where you want to search the contents for a word or phrase. Ctrl-F opens a search window at the top left corner of the application but if the application already has a search box, pressing Crtl-F will put the cursor in the search box ready for you to type your query.

So don’t try and fight your way through reams of text looking for the phrase you want, try Ctrl-F.

And here’s a couple of bonus tips. If you want to search an entire website, not just a page, and you have Chrome browser, there’s an extension to do that called SlashSearch. And if you want to go quickly to your search term after a Google search, try the Chrome extension Google Quick Scroll. Quick Scroll lets you jump directly to the relevant bits of a Google search result.

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