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I took a keen interest in all things tech back around 2007 when I wanted more than just music on my mp3 player. Initially, I tried news podcasts then searched around for something different. As a PC user, I looked for a PC related podcast and hit on the Mike Tech Show first off. A great show with great tips, links and recommendations and it was from a listener email there that I found out about MakeUseOf. Yes, it’s not obviously apparent what this blog is about from the name, but in effect, it’s really about making use of tech software and web services. From their website

The aim of MakeUseOf is to guide you through the web and tell you about hot websites that you have never heard of, best software programs, and all kinds of “how to” tips for Windows, Mac and Linux computer users.

From very early on, this has been one of my top tech blogs for tips and recommendations on great software, apps and web services. And not just me; they have around 450,000 active subscribers.

As I browse through the latest tech posts in my couple of hundred feeds in Google Reader, I’m constantly finding that, for me, MakeUseOf is number one for posts which catch my attention and which I have to read through, bookmark and ‘make use of’ as they say. I’ve learned so much from these posts over the years. Not only do they have great tech posts, but they’ve also published a number of tremendous free pdf format guides available for download. These cover everything from Linux to Reddit to WordPress. Or ask a tech question and get it answered at MakeUseOf Answers and find the best websites, software and apps at MakeUseOf The Best Of.

Let me say I’m not sponsored by MakeUseOf or affiliated to them in any way, just as always trying to pass on great recommendations. So subscribe to MakeUseOf in your RSS reader or follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. You’ll find all the links at the bottom of their home page. And coming back to the subject of tech podcasts, three members of the MakeUseOf team put out a regular informative tech podcast called Technophilia which I now subscribe to. Check it out as well.

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