Saving your Personal Searchable Web Archive with Archify


I came across Archify a couple of months ago after a post on the Next Web and decided to try it. So far I’m pretty impressed with this beta web service. Archify stores pages you visit online. It indexes the contents of the pages and takes a snapshot. You can archive social media updates, or just the pages you browse to. A bit like bookmarking but without assigning tags – at least at the moment. They may add this feature later. In the process, you build up an archive of the pages you visit which you can search through later.

Controlling which pages are archived

Secure HTTPS pages aren’t archived and you can also control which pages are archived from the amount of time you spend on them. Right click the Archify browser icon and select Options. Here you can set Archify to ignore pages viewed shorter than a user defined time. I’ve chosen 8 seconds. Any longer than this and I’m interested in the page and it’s probably worth archiving. In addition, you can set up a list of sites you don’t want archived. Archify call this a blacklist. I found that it’s pretty important to build up a good comprehensive blacklist early on otherwise you will swamp your archive with stuff you just don’t need there. Remember that Archify is working away all the time archiving all those pages you visit. To quickly blacklist a site just click the Archify button and you will get the following options:


Searching your archive

To perform a search of your archive at any time, right click the Archify browser button, and select Archify. Text in the search box is very large, I don’t know why. No doubt that’ll be fixed later. One other thing I’d like to see implemented is phrase search as with other search engines. At the moment, enclosing two search words in quotes doesn’t affect the search results. If you’re performing a search on say Twitter or Google, you can choose to have your archived pages searched as well. Just  right click the Archify browser icon and select Options. Then check the boxes against the services where you also want to have your archive search displayed.

Strange that it doesn’t seem to have attracted much attention so far. A search for Archify on Twitter doesn’t turn up much. Some concerns were expressed in the comments to the post I linked to earlier about privacy, but as they say themselves, you control what you archive, and it’s all free while in beta. Eventually basic Archify accounts will be free and additional features available only to premium accounts. So sign up and give Archify a try.

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