Track If Your Gmail Message Has Been Opened by the Recipient

Right Inbox

Would you like to know if your Gmail message has been opened by the person you’ve sent it to? For work, I often send out quotes worldwide and when I don’t get a response, I sometimes wonder if my email has been received and opened or if it’s perhaps been diverted to a spam folder by the recipient’s email client. Well I’ve discovered that there is a Chrome and Firefox extension to track your Gmail and send you an email response once it’s been opened by the recipient. It’s called Right Inbox for Gmail and I’m just surprised that Google hadn’t implemented this feature themselves. The great thing is that the recipient doesn’t have to do anything only open your email, and he doesn’t even know the message is being tracked. The plugin also lets you schedule your Gmail for future sending.

I’ve installed it and got it working fine after some initial problems. After clicking to allow Right Inbox access to my Gmail account, I would be taken into a loop to install, authenticate, install, etc. Eventually, after running CCleaner then SuperAntiSpyware to remove additional cookies as part of my PC maintenance routine, I found that Right Inbox had finally installed correctly and the track box shown above was available and working. I sent a tracked test email to another of my own email addresses and once I had opened that, I received a message back in my Gmail inbox straightaway saying that the email had been opened and giving the IP address and location of the recipient (me).

So if you want notification that your Gmail messages have been opened by the recipient, try this useful Chrome and Firefox extension.

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  1. חברת פרסום Says:

    Too bad that this service is not free. this extension is limited and it requires from users to buy monthly plans. :\

    Looking forward for free extensions like this…

  2. Partha Says:

    need a details about the mailing software. i need software that reports about
    1. List of Bounced mails,
    2. Mail is received or not,
    3. Mails is read by receipent or not

  3. Nwosu Desmond Says:

    With Right Inbox you can schedule emails in Gmail, set email reminders, track sent emails and receive notifications once it’s been read, you can even track clicks from a sent email. If a link from the message gets clicked by the recipient you will be notified

  4. kub Says:

    Though limited, Nice feature!!! Thanks for this great info.

  5. Erin Says:

    I’ve gotten Right Inbox for my gmail account, have composed several messages, and clicked “Track.” I have heard, in person, from recipients that they got my emails, but Right Inbox never notified me that they did.

  6. Scott Pielsticker Says:

    You should also check out ContactMonkey ( A ridiculously easy way to track your daily emails. Works with Gmail, Outlook and Give it a try! Scott

  7. Loua White Says:

    I use STREAK to track emails. One contatc seems to have their mail opened by a Gmail account and their MAC desktop. They say the do not have a google account. Could their email be compromised.. maybe someone has their password?

  8. Judie Chisholm Says:

    I downloaded this but it didn’t offer tracking just a schedule service for controlling what day & time your messages gets sent

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