Can’t Unsubscribe From a Web Account? Here’s How to Get Round It

So you’ve subscribed to a website in the past, perhaps a shopping site. You’re getting tired of their regular emails pushing promotions and stuff and you want to unsubscribe from further emails. Usually there’s a link at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe, but not always. And sometimes even when you unsubscribe, you keep getting the emails. Pretty annoying. So how do you get round this so you are no longer bothered by them?

Well I had this problem recently. It was a shopping site with a pretty dated looking interface. I bought stuff there a few years ago, gave them my email address and a password and they’ve ben sending me emails ever since. There’s no unsubscribe button in the email and when you log on to your web account, there’s no way to tell them you no longer want emails or to delete the web account.

Yet again I’m indebted to Rich Menga at PCMech who gave me the solution in two blog posts. His recent post How to Properly Abandon a Web Account suggests you point the web account to a throw-away email address and an earlier post Need Advanced Disposable Email Address Control? Use 33Mail.

So head to 33Mail and sign up for a free email account. It will end in …@<username> You’ll have to give them your contact email address so they can forward any emails to this address. Then sign into your troublesome web account, let’s use as an example, and head to the page with your account details. Change your contact email address to, say, nuisance@<username> and save the changed account details.

Next time nuisance sends you an email, it will go to nuisance@<username> and be forwarded by 33Mail to your contact email address through an alias. Now when send you emails you don’t want, or even if they sell your email address to a spammer, just click on the link at the top of the email from 33Mail, and they’ll block their alias.

And that’s another web account that won’t bother you again.

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