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I’ve been using Shareaholic for a couple of years now. It’s a browser extension with a tremendous variety of options for sharing and saving links and is available for all the popular browsers including Chrome. I find it particularly useful for tweeting from webpages that don’t have Twitter share buttons. Surprisingly, there are quite a few around. But I don’t always like to tweet the link straightaway and prefer to space out tweets for my audience using Buffer, the tweet scheduling app. Just as an aside, another advantage of using Buffer is you can change your mind later and delete tweets from the Buffer queue if you like, before they go live.

Trouble is, my Buffer browser extension for Chrome hasn’t worked for a few months now, probably a conflict with another extension. So I looked again at Shareaholic, and sure enough, sharing with Buffer is there too and it works perfectly for me.

And there’s another bonus with using Buffer through the Shareaholic extension. I’m now able to delete my Buffer browser extension – and Evernote Web Clipper – so that’s two less buttons clogging up my Chrome bar and grabbing RAM. By the way, if you want to see how much memory your extensions are hogging in Chrome, press Shift-Esc when in Chrome to bring up Chrome Task Manager. Then disable or remove the extensions you don’t need or don’t use any more.

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  1. Janet Aronica Says:

    Glad to hear you love Shareaholic!! Thanks so much for this awesome write-up :) And yes, Buffer is great. Great team and great product.

    – Janet from Shareaholic

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