Another Small Milestone: 250th Post on Tech and Life!

Birthday Cake - Candles

Well, after starting this blog in August 2008, 4 years later, I’ve made it to my 250th post! If you do the math, that’s just over five posts a month. Not a great output I know, but I blog in my spare time and I find each post takes some time to construct and get just right.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s subscribed to or kept in touch with the blog so far, especially those who’ve taken the time to comment. Blog comments and subscriber numbers are the two things that encourage bloggers to keep going. If you’re a long time reader, thanks for sticking around. If you’re new here, I’d love you to sign up to our RSS feed or have posts delivered to your email inbox. You’ll find the subscription buttons at the top right of the page.

I hope you will take a look around – with 250 posts now, there’s probably something here for everyone.  I don’t reblog tech news. You’ll mainly find tech and productivity tips here – things I’ve worked out and learned in the day to day working with my PC, apps and online sites. I spend a lot of time in RSS feeds looking for great apps, sites and services. When I find them, I try them out and if they improve my current setup and productivity, I’ll blog about them. I enjoy passing on what I discover. I also blog about problems I’ve solved, hardware I use, learning and working with WordPress, continuing my journey with Linux, online privacy and so on. And you’ll also get the occasional post on my take on life in general. I’ve also just picked up my first smartphone, an HTC Legend, so I’ll be mentioning great Android apps in the future.

The appearance of the blog hasn’t changed over the 4 years. I’ve recently improved the blog header as mentioned in my last post. I’ve rewritten the About page and added the nrelate Related Content plugin as you can see at the bottom of this post. I would like to change the theme before our 5th anniversary and I’m looking at responsive themes so hopefully the site will then look even better on your smartphone.

Any thoughts or suggestions about the appearance or content? What would you change? Drop a comment below.

And here’s to the next 250 posts!

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One Response

  1. Manuel Says:

    Happy 250st blog post. I blog a little more because I do some more free time from work.

    The first 100 posts, until you reach 250, are hard. The next ones simply are flowing in 😀

    Here is to another 4 years, or even 20 😀

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