Error 1723 Removing Old Java Installation Solved Using Microsoft FixIt

With the recent talk about vulnerabilities in Java 7 Update 6, I decided to uninstall Java completely. Reading around posts and forums, it seems it may be possible to get by without Java so I thought I’d try that. If anything actually needed it I could reinstall it. Uninstalling Java 7 update 6 was no problem using Control Panel > Programs and Features, but I’ve long had a problem removing an old Java update (Java 6 Update 26) which was still sitting there in Programs and Features. After uninstalling Java 7 Update 6, I tried again to uninstall the old version but got the same error as before:

Error 1723: There is a  problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run.

So I tried googling this error and found that many others have had the same problem in relation to Java. But one comment here looked hopeful:


So I backed up my registry using Quick Restore Maker, just in case, then followed the link to FixIt: Program Install and Uninstall and ran the program


I picked Java 6 Update 26 from the list of programs it showed and followed the prompts to uninstall it, and sure enough, it’s now gone from my system. At the end, FixIt offers to place a link to the FixIt Solution Center on your desktop, which seems very useful and well worth a look. Under Windows problems alone, it’s currently offering 24 Run Now solutions.

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