Starting Out With Reddit? Some Useful Tips


Tired of Facebook? Want a break from those status updates? Then have a look at Reddit, the social news website. I’ve been registered with it for a couple of years now and posted my slow Firefox blog post there. I got a great response and many new followers to this blog but I haven’t spent much time there since – most of my spare time goes into Google Reader looking through tech tips posts. I took a look at Reddit again in earnest recently and was really impressed. Here’s a few tips I’ve picked up that may improve your Reddit experience.

Change the viewing interface

I was never very keen on the user interface in Reddit but I’ve found there’s an easy way to improve this using Stylish to modify how the site is displayed in your browser. If you’re using Chrome, download Stylish if you don’t already have it installed. For Firefox, Stylish is here. Then head over to Userstyles and browse through all the scripts there and download the Reddit interface of your choice.

Find new subreddits

Reddit is divided into a vast number of what are called subreddits, each with its own band of followers and some very specialised, or for individual cities, etc. I’ve discovered that in Scotland, Aberdeen and Inverness both have there own subreddits. I haven’t found a complete updated directory of subreddits anywhere, but you could look at RedditList for some suggestions, or search MetaReddit.  Or try random in the left panel to bring up a random subreddit. Or here’s a useful tip. Once you’ve found a subreddit to your liking, have a look in the right-hand panel of Reddit for a list of similar subreddits and check them out. Again, when you like one, check the right-hand side for similar ones and build up a list of subreddits that way. Of course, there’s only so many you can actively follow – I’m subscribed to 30 and that’s too many. And if you spot a niche for a new subreddit that’s not been started yet, you can create your own.

Here’s some subreddits I like

If you’re into computer repair and troubleshooting, there are a number of good subreddits. I like techsupport  and 24hoursupport. If you’ve got any PC/Linux/Mac problems, try submitting your question there. At the moment, there are over 22000 subscribers to the techsupport subreddit and typically, over 100 are online at any particular time so you should get your question answered. Or if you can offer help or suggestions, fire away. And if you’re into stimulating religious debate, try DebateReligion!

Compile your subreddits

Once you’re logged in to Reddit, you can view all your subreddits at once by choosing All and listing them in different ways using Hot, New, Controversial or Top or by viewing a MultiReddit of all your subreddits. To do this, click my reddits in the left column then scroll down to edit subscriptions. On the right panel that opens, you’ll see a list of your front page reddits and above that you can click MultiReddit of your subscriptions.


Comments on Reddit

Once you’ve subscribed to Reddit, you can upvote or downvote posts and comments. Don’t forget too that you can arrange comments in different ways: Oldest comments at the top, Newest comments at the top,  Best, Hot, Top and Controversial.

Finally, if you want more background on Reddit, download the Reddit Manual from MakeUseOf. You can also check out the Reddit tag in MakeUseOf for more posts on Reddit.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve grown to really appreciate Reddit and what I can learn there.  Have you any Reddit tips? What are your favourite subreddits? Let us all know in the comments.

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