Apr 30
Recording the Seasons
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Well, that’s April just about over as we look forward to summer here in northern Scotland. The daffodils are in full bloom now and the buds are appearing on the trees. Barley has been planted and the green sheen of the young shoots can be seen across the brown fields.

I’ve never paid much attention to the timing of the events in Spring, until this year. An elderly relative kept asking me how long it would be before the trees were in bloom and I couldn’t really answer. So I’ve tried to keep a record of the main seasonal events around here this year. Might be interesting to compare it with next year’s events. I’ve just made a short note in Evernote, nothing fancy just a record of things like first crocuses in bloom (I missed the first snowdrops), first daffodils out, first primroses out, gorse bushes in bloom, farmers planting crops, first lambs in fields, trees starting to come into bloom (just now). We haven’t had the arrival of the first swallows here yet but I guess it won’t be long now. And thankfully, we live far enough north that the lawn hasn’t had to be mowed just yet!

I’ll keep going through summer and autumn recording things of interest outside and when they occur. How are things looking with you? What’s in bloom where you are?

Image credit: Spring Colours

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