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Every year, we have a summer break in the west of Ireland and this year was no exception. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed revisiting towns there like Athlone and Roscommon. Athlone is in central Ireland on the River Shannon but it’s Roscommon town I’d like to mention here.

Roscommon town has a beautiful little park and small loch or lake bordering the 13th century Roscommon Castle. There’s ample parking there. I’ve always enjoyed walking round the park but I usually see a few people out jogging there as well.

roscommon castle

This year we discovered a new feature there. As we walked around the loch , we could see an outdoor gym. I was fully expecting to have to put my euros in the slot, but no, it was all free! The outdoor fitness equipment was supplied by the aptly named Outfit. Well done Roscommon, that’s a wonderful new addition the park.

Outdoor gym1Outdoor gym2

After a little while there, it was off down town. We all have our favourite coffee shops and mine is on the High Street in Roscommon  – The Comfy Cafe.

The Comfy Cafe - Roscommon

It may look small from the outside but it winds back inside to the counter at the back.

The Comfy Cafe2

Paninis, ciabattas, wraps, baked potatoes, delicious muffins, and excellent tea, coffee and hot chocolate. And very friendly service. We’ve been going there for 3 or 4 years now and never been disappointed. After that, there are some very nice shops on the main street.

So if you’re ever passing through Roscommon town, you know where to go. And a little hint – don’t try to park on the main street, head for the good old Tesco car park just behind it!

Where’s your favourite park and coffee shop? Let us know in the comments.

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