Remove Annoying utm_source Tracking Codes when Following Some Links from Feedly

Some bloggers choose to add utm_source tracking codes to their page URLs to track where their blog traffic is coming from. That’s fine but if I follow a link from Feedly, my RSS reader, and want to bookmark the link for future reference, I now have a bunch of additional junk at the end of the URL which I’d rather remove before bookmarking. Usually, the junk part starts something like ?utm_source=feedburner. I found a way to remove this in Google Reader using the Unburner plugin in Chrome and most people that commented there seemed to find it useful.

Turns out that even though Google Reader has now gone, this plugin still seems to work fine for me with Feedly. I’m using the cloud version of Feedly ( which currently uses Feedly version 16.0.558. The Unburner plugin is currently at version 0.4.

Seems to work for hover-over links in Feedly where the link seems to point to and but not for say which leads to a ?utm_campaign=Feed… tracking code. Still, at least it seems to get rid of all of the annoying FeedBurner tracking codes.

So if these FeedBurner codes are bugging you too in Feedly, try installing the Unburner extension in your Chrome browser.

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