An Essential App Which Should be on Every Smartphone

Red Cross First Aid app

I was loading up my new Nexus 4 smartphone with apps last week and trying to figure what I would definitely need when out and about. Quite separately, I was also wondering whether I would know how to treat a stroke victim if I ever came across this in my family, friends or just out on the street. It occurred to me that a First Aid app would be really useful on a smartphone.

I did an evening class in First Aid, let me see, over 30 years ago now. Needless to say, I’ve forgotten just about everything I’ve learned. I do have a few First Aid books, but what use are they if you come across a casualty on the street. With a smartphone app, it’s always there with you.

So I had a look at first aid apps on Google Play Store and chose First Aid by British Red Cross. It has five stars and a 4.8 rating from 1416 reviews.

Red Cross First Aid menu

One thing I liked was that it worked offline. Pretty much essential as you don’t want to be hunting for a signal in that sort of situation. I looked up stroke and learned everything I need to know for a First Aid situation: Think F.A.S.T. Face: is there weakness on one side of their face? Arms: can they raise both arms?  Speech, is their speech easily understood?  Time,  time to call for help.

So hunt down a First Aid smartphone app and get it on your smartphone. I hope you don’t need to use it, but if you do it’s there ready for you.

Which First Aid smartphone app do you use? Have you ever had to use it in an emergency? Drop a comment below.

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