Great Value from Three Mobile Network Operator [UK]


I work from home and when I go out I’m a light mobile user. Maybe a couple of calls a day, a couple of texts and say 10 to 15 minutes of internet access on my Nexus 4 smartphone – I’m not a big Facebook user, just use my phone for news, search and information and if I’m travelling. So a contract would not really be value for money for me. In fact I’ve been Pay As You Go (PAYG) for years with O2, but I really just find their mobile rates overcomplicated with bolt-ons, etc. What I wanted was a simple to understand, good-value UK mobile network provider, and I think I’ve finally found one in Three.

Quick disclaimer here. I’m not sponsored by Three, there are no affiliate links here, nor do I get any fee from them for this post. I use this blog to pass on great things I come across.

PAYG on Three

PAYG on Three tariffs are very simple. 3p for all calls in the UK (to mobiles and landlines), 2p for texts and 1p per MB of data. Your balance doesn’t expire at the end of the month and you get 150 MB of free data when you top up. The free data does expire in 1 month. You should also note that the PAYG plans don’t allow tethering . You can transfer your own mobile number to Three. You can also manage your account online including checking your balance and remaining free minutes. Of course you need to check Three’s network coverage in your area before you send off for the free SIM.

So if your phone is unlocked, try PAYG on Three if it suits your lifestyle. For the first time in about 10 years, I’m happy with my phone tariff and I’m not watching my balance. For example, I can now get a 4 minute phone call to another mobile for the price it used to cost me to send one text on O2 (12p).  And because I’m a light user, I’m finding my 150 MB of free data is lasting roughly about 3 weeks. After that, it’s 1p per MB until my next top up so that’s not bad.

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