Organizing all those Chargers

device charger organizer

If you’re anything like me, you’re gathering an ever increasing number of device chargers scattered around the house for all your tablets, smartphones, etc. Not just yours but probably all your family’s devices as well. I can count six here and a whole bunch for old tech lying around. I googled for solutions to organize and store these battery chargers and liked the ideas I saw on Pinterest, particularly behind-the-door shoe organizers. These seem to be just the right size for our chargers. I searched ebay for hanging shoe organizers and came up with the 20 pocket one shown above for £5.88. Some people suggest pinning a photo of the gadget to the front of the pocket but I just used my Brother P-touch 1000 labeller to label each pocket.

To store your charger, I found it best to loosely coil the cable, shove that down into the pouch first then the charger itself at the top of the pouch. That way you can pull out the charger hopefully without getting a tangle of cable.

How do you deal with all your chargers? Drop a comment below.

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