Free Evernote Premium from O2 [UK Only]


I just got word today in my RSS feed that anyone with the O2 mobile provider in the UK, either contract or Pay & Go, can apply for, or upgrade to, Evernote Premium for 1 year. I’ve been using Evernote for a number of years now and blogged about it back in 2009. They have a ‘freemium’ model and I’ve been using the free version until now. However, this has some limitations and I was actually just about to move to Evernote Premium when this great 1 year offer came up.

So what has Premium got that the free version hasn’t? Well the advantages of Evernote Premium are listed on the Evernote site, but the main benefits are a higher monthly upload limit (1GB as opposed to 60MB with the free version), increased note size up to 100MB, offline notebooks on your mobile phone, PDF annotation, and searching inside PDFs, attached documents and text in images. I could use all of these.

Of course, this is an astute marketing move from Evernote to try to move us up to Premium. Try it for a year and get used to all the features and upload capacity, then try going back to the free version. I probably won’t go back.

Here’s the link for anyone in the UK on O2. You can sign up from your mobile phone or on your PC. If you use your PC, O2 will text a code to your phone which you will need to complete the process. This is the route I took and I had no problems upgrading to Premium for 1 year.

So if you’re in the UK and are using Evernote Free or are thinking of trying Evernote, give this offer a try. It lasts until 24 October 2014. If you decide to move back to the free version after your free year, all your uploaded data remains in place.

Evernote Premium offer [UK only]

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