Nov 7

I need to make more use of Evernote now that I have a free year of Evernote Premium. This includes scanning more documents into Evernote but I really can’t justify spending at least £100 on a Doxie or a ScanSnap duplex scanner at the moment so I had a look again at my trusty Canon multifunction printer. I’ve already written a post on scanning JPEGs directly to Evernote from my Canon MP280 multifunction printer so I had a look at the Canon MP Navigator scanner software again and managed to set it up for one-click scanning of multi-page PFDs directly to Evernote.

But first to improve on my earlier post, if you’re going to be scanning documents on a daily basis, track down your scanner software program (in my case C:\Program Files\Canon\MP Navigator EX 4.0\mpnex40.exe) and right click on the file to pin a shortcut to your task bar. Switch on your Canon multifunction printer and open the scanner software.

Canon MP Navigator1

The interface is not particularly intuitive so here’s a walk-through of how I set up one-click scanning of PDFs to Evernote. If the box at the bottom left is checked, uncheck it. This will temporarily prevent one-click scanning and allow you to set up the action ‘Save as PDF file’. We can’t use ‘Custom’ scan as we did before as this only allows saving in JPEG, TIFF or BMP image formats. But that’s not a problem. Just leave the Custom set up for scanning images as discussed in the earlier post. Now click on ‘Save as PDF file’ and set it up as follows:

Canon MP Navigator2


I discussed how to find the Evernote executable file in the earlier post. It may be in C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote. Now click the box at the bottom left to enable one-click scanning and Apply the changes. Now when you click ‘Save as PDF file’ as in the first screenshot, this will scan the document to Evernote and leave a copy in an archive on your PC. It’s not exactly one-click as you’ll have to click when prompted to either scan additional pages or exit scanning when all pages have been scanned. One other tip. Before scanning, open Evernote Desktop in the notebook you want the scans to appear. If you don’t and you are currently in another notebook, the scans will all be sent there. Not ideal. If you like, you could create a notebook called .Inbox or !Inbox (the punctuation before the notebook name puts it at the top of your list of notebooks) and have Evernote viewing that notebook before you start scanning. Everything then goes into this folder for later organizing to other folders.

This method should work in a similar fashion for all Canon multifunction printers and you may also find that even if you don’t have a Canon multifunction printer, you can set up your own scanner or multifunction printer to do this while you decide if you want to invest in a dedicated duplex scanner or a portable unit.

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